Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" programme advance in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

09 - 15 October 2015, Skopje and Kavadarci, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: UNODC and the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) successfully continued piloting the Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" program in Kavadarci, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, by organizing the third and fourth training sessions out of a series of five in total.

Participants coming from Veles and Kavadarci have proficiently completed the training workshops, thus increasing the current number of educated teachers to 60, taking into account the trained teachers from two previously organized workshops. The teachers nominated for attending the training workshops represent 14 elementary schools from Veles and Kavadarci, where further delivery of the programme is expected in the following academic year.

As part of the mission to the South Eastern Europe region, the representative of the LCIF visited the training workshop in Kavadarci and has officially addressed the participants, emphasizing the relevance and successful collaboration between UNODC and the Ministry of Education of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Furthermore, at the inception meeting of the Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" pilot programme, organized by the Ministry of Education in Skopje on 12 October 2015, the LCIF representative presented the relevant programme material, envisaged implementation mechanism and the programme objectives.

The inception meeting was attended by representatives of the local education institutions and relevant other organizations and was concluded with an active discussion on the next steps and exploring potential for sustainable results and actions in the future.

The last training workshop is planned for 9-11 November 2015 in Tetovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with 15 new teachers to be trained.