Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme follow-up sessions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNODC and the Lions Clubs International Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, initiated the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme in  March 2017. The programme is scheduled for implementation until June 2019 in 29 primary schools in Tuzla, Mostar, Sarajevo and Bijeljina reaching out to more than 700 students in total.

Following the approved implementation methodology, the follow-up sessions are organised to collect relevant data from programme educators in order to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of the programme delivery, as well as to report on best practices and experienced challenges with the programme execution. This implementation modality was strategically developed for programme implementation in South East Europe and has shown excellent results in Serbia, Montenegro and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as an evidence-informed activity.

As part of a comprehensive evaluation strategy, follow-up sessions also presented an opportunity for programme educators to discuss the findings of the results of pre-tests conducted with intervention groups on substance use, normative believes, refusal skills and intention to use substances.

Representatives from the relevant Ministries, both on entity and federal level, applauded the initiative and highlighted the value of the implementation of evidence-based programmes that are closely in line with the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention.

The next follow-up sessions will be organised next year, whereby the group will have an opportunity to discuss preliminary results of comparative analysis of pre-post test results among the intervention groups of the programme on relevant epidemiological indicators targeting substance use.