The UNODC - Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" programme starts working in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5-7 December 2016, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina: UNODC in partnership with the Lions Clubs International Foundation commenced the programme Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" in South East Europe in 2014 starting from Serbia and gradually expanding to Montenegro and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 2015-16. Following the successful implementation in these countries, further expansion of the programme became possible for Bosnia and Herzegovina starting as of 2017.

The inception meeting of the Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" programme was arranged together with the Ministry of the Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the representatives of relevant institutions from the Republic of Srpska and Federation to discuss the programme implementation and the next steps. Representatives from the Ministry of Education from Republika Srpska and Federation as well as the CSO representatives attended the meeting, along with the national Lions Club members. The meeting was facilitated by the LCIF global programme coordinator and UNODC.

Among the topics discussed in the meeting were: the presentation of the LQ Skills for adolescence programme; presentation of evidence based drug use prevention interventions and programmes, as well as the International Standards on drug use prevention; programme implementation based on reliable data; evaluation of LQ programme in South Eastern European region and the results from the three countries where it has worked already; as well as the presentation of specific topics covered by the programme.

The programme will start its active phase in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of early 2017.