UNODC participates at the Lions Quest Europe meeting in Finland

12-15 January 2017, Hyvinkää, Finland: Resulting from the cooperation with the Lions Club International Foundation, UNODC has piloted the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme in the South East European (SEE) region: first in Serbia in 2014, later in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro. Currently, the outstanding results of the programme are expanding to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme is a school based social emotional learning intervention which is strongly scientifically evaluated as the efficient drug use prevention programme. 

The Lions Clubs International Foundation together with the local Lions Clubs are annually organizing Lions Quest European meetings with the aim to discuss the best practices observed in the European region as a result of  the implementation of various Lions Quest programmes (Skills for growing, Skills for Adolescence and Skills for Action). Furthermore, new social emotional learning programmes developed for the specific target groups such as refugee groups and sport society at large are presented as anticipated interventions for further development and piloting.

The topic of the Lions Quest European meeting was strongly focused on the evaluation of the efficiency of the implemented programmes whereby UNODC actively contributed with the presentation of the evaluation results of the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme  from three countries in the SEE region. The results were decisive in presenting the positive changes in view of the four indicators evaluated: substance use, intention to use substances, refusal skills and normative beliefs among the targeted the groups of the students in more than 80 elementary schools who were exposed to the programme.

The meeting was well attended with the participation of the Lions Clubs Country Directors and Senior trainers from 24 European countries.

The next Lions Quest European meeting is scheduled for January 2018 in Georgia.

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