UNODC presented the results of the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme at the Lions Europe Forum 2018

25-27 October 2018, Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: In the past 4 years, collaborating with the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), UNODC had implemented the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme in the Southeast Europe region (SEE).

The programme was piloted in 4 countries of the SEE region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia delivering outstanding results related to the reduction of substance use and intentions to use substances (alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis) among the group of students who participated in the programme.

Currently, as part of the collaborative agreement and expansion strategy, the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme is reaching additional elementary schools in the SEE region with slightly different implementation time frame, being two years instead of initially offered one academic year, in the attempt to collect additional data on the effectiveness of the programme intervention.

The Lions Club Europa Forum is an annual event where the LCIF senior management and the Lions Club members discuss the results of the vast number of humanitarian activities that were delivered across the globe, however for this event specific focus was on the European region.

As the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme is considered to be the flagship intervention of the LCIF, UNODC was asked to present the programme results in the SEE region together with the  LCIF.

Presenting the results of the programme helped the audience to understand its applicability and benefits, particularly for the primary beneficiaries. Furthermore, the challenges and best practices related to the implementation methodology were discussed, which provided additional information for better understanding of probable outlines of the roadmaps for the expansion and scaling-up of the programme in the SEE and other regions.